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"Die Qualität ist das Anständige." ("Quality is the respectability.") Theodor Heuss - first President of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1949 to 1959

Actually one should think after Avatar it would have been clear how a good 3D Movie must be technically produced – Copy-cats welcome! But way off the mark. Studios in Hollywood saw the succes and also wanted to have 3D in their upcomming Blockbusters, not matter if directors and producers had experiences in the still new field of 3D filmproducing.
Do it! or be kicked out. There are enough potential makers, which operate according to „Learnin by Doing“.
Making at first - this seems to have been the virtue in most areas in last years. We'll rack our brains later about any technical difficulties or non existing KnowHow. The product ripens at the customer's side. We will notice if the quality isn’t sufficient for the cinema-goers – but until then money keeps rolling in. That you destroy your business with that attitude and loose acceptance of the clients nobody has concidered or seems to bother…
If you take a closer look at 3D material from Hollywood, fast it will become clear why cinemagoers leave the cinema halls at times and mourn about not feeling well up to complains about headaches. Not only common filming rules are by-passed generously, also the quality of the shoots leaves a lot to be desired. From different focusing distances over color differences up to glaring height offsets of stereo images to each other you can find everything what makes the 3D film experience to a top-class calculating performance to our already information-overloaded brain, which tries continuously to Work out the aforesaid mistakes to get a usefull spatial picture from the given information. At the same time it is merely a question of aspiration to avoid all these mistakes with appropriate care or correction in postproduction. These shortcomings also explain why 3D animation movies (to which avatar strictly speaking also belongs) are Working that well and are welcome to the audience. In the virtual computer generated worlds it’s almost impossible to even produce these mistakes, because virtual cameras can be configured 100% identically and virtual 3D camera rigs are perfect in their alignment. Their heavy and unwieldy brothers from the real world however want to be adjusted until the last 10th of a millimeter - and this for every single shot. Understandable if some looses patience especially if time and budget are breathing down your neck. However, who wants to produce a 3D live-action movie in good quality needs time and a lot more money than already. In that context we don’t need to wonder about the quality of the last years especially if above mentioned guiding principle probably was designed a little more up-to-date. "Profit is the respectability."

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